Reopening the Coronavirus-Era Office Back to News

Companies, in adapting the workplace for Covid-19, are reversing a push to cram workers into tighter spaces. Click <HERE> for an article, from The Wall Street Journal, on this topic.

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Why Shiny New Tech Companies Love Old Industrial Buildings Back to News

We don’t have quite the demand for loft space that NYC does, but the issues are similar.  Unfortunately for office users, we’ve converted many of our lofts to apartments, not office space.  There really are not any more loft-type buildings in Des Moines to be converted.

Check out this article from the New York Times <HERE>.

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The Suburban Office Park Back to News

Click <HERE> for a very interesting article from the New York Times on suburban office buildings.

11/19/2019 | Filed under: Office Log Cabins? No, These Wooden Buildings Are High-Rises Back to News

The mass-timber mixed-use building that is under construction in the East Village is part of a national trend.

From The New York Times:

"Log Cabins? No, These Wooden Buildings Are High-Rises
Seeking greener projects, builders are choosing timber for offices and apartments, rather than the concrete and steel that dominated construction for decades."


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New York's World Trade Center Struggles to Fill Office Space Back to News

<HERE> is an interesting case study why one major US corporation moved from the suburbs to the city center.

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San Francisco Officials to Tech Workers: Buy Your Lunch Back to News

I don’t see this happening in Des Moines.

From The New York Times:
"Two San Francisco supervisors introduced an ordinance last week that would forbid employee cafeterias in new corporate construction. It is not clear whether the measure will pass, but it is a direct attack on one of the modern tech industry’s most entrenched traditions. The ordinance, which seeks to force tech workers out of their subsidized cafeterias and into neighborhood restaurants, is the latest attempt by San Francisco leaders to make the tech companies that are migrating north from Silicon Valley adapt to life in the city." Click <HERE> to read the full article.

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The Final Nail in the Coffin of Open Plan Offices Back to News

In this article <HERE>, Fast Company reports what many people suspected all along.

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How Neuroscience is Optimizing the Office Back to News

The Wall Street Journal recently did a story on office design ideas that focus on employee well-being and productivity. Click <HERE> to read the article.

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Moody's Amps Up Worries About Office Space Glut Back to News

Click <HERE> for an interesting national perspective on office building construction/vacancy. The Des Moines market is healthy, but we normally follow national trends.

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Open-plan Office Spaces Back to News

Thought evolution in workspace design. Click <HERE> for an article by Regus.

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